Friday, October 17, 2008

sightRIZE Questions CYNE.

sightRIZE: This question is for Cise Star, Yo Cise! You have spit some crazy verses man your flow is real locked. Like an example is your verse in "Haze" off evolution fight. What was some inspiration off that?
CISE: Basically hope for humanity and the current state of affairs. It is the way I think people should view themselves and others. That was the basis of my verses on that particular track.
sightRIZE: This question is for anyone who can answer. My friend TONE+Chef really wanted to know what you want us to pull away with, like what is Cultivating Your New Experience?
SPECK: Our music is a direct expression of our personal experience. That may seem overly simplistic, but our music is rooted in the interpretation of our immediate environment -- our era, our work, our families, sociopolitical events, music genres, pop culture, human interaction, daily observations, etc... So, maybe we're hoping that our music can provide another perspective for our listeners.
sightRIZE: This is for the producers. So CYNE has Speck and Enoch as producers if I'm not mistaken. Please correct me if Im wrong. The beats are really unique and has a real nice sound to it for Cise and Akin to rap over. How did you come up with these?
ENOCH: Speck and I both have diverse tastes and we try to incorporate a lot of the different elements of the music that we love into what we do, while at the same time channeling it into our style and making something completely our own out of it. When we first started, the conception of a beat would more than likely come from a loop we found, but over time we have grown as producers and have learned how to better utilize other methods of sampling, such as chopping or sampling from less traditional sources, as well as live playing. Speck and I working together for a long time has helped us to be able to create beats that complement each other well in a larger body of work. At the end of the day, we are just huge fans of music, and i think that the both of us would continue making beats even if no one were to ever put lyrics on top of them. Luckily we have two incredible mc's who appreciate the sound we provide for them, so it works out pretty well for all four of us.
SPECK: Since CYNE formed, we've been growing towards a "sound" that feels like our own -- we're always learning and experimenting with methods of making and listening to music. One of the rewards of working as a group for so long (we've been releasing records since 2001), is that you develop a type of language. For example: if one of the other members lends me an album they're inspired by, I can understand how they might want to translate that into the CYNE songwriting process. Luckily, we've gotten to that level as a band, and that's a space where many of the songs come from.
sightRIZE: So do you have any inspiration for your albums, like what were your thoughts as you were making it?
AKIN: All our albums have certain themes that coincide with that particular moment of the creation of the record. So we try to translate these experiences as best as we can into song.
CISE: Everyday life experiences and the thought processes behind them. I find that life is really a series of experiences that if observed would weave a tapstry of the essence of an individual. How we react is the key of who we really are. If you can understand why you did what you did honestly, then you can truly be a whole person who can effectivly relate to others. I think that most people don't try to do that, or even care to do so. I try to understand myself through the
vehicle of spoken word and music.
ENOCH: Speaking in terms of production, Speck and I both make a conscious effort to keep improving on what we do and challenging ourselves. We try to keep it interesting to ourselves first and foremost, but we also both come from a generation where the quality and consistency of music, specifically hip hop, had a much higher standard. So in that regard, we are very conscious of trying to create a full record of material that flows and makes sense as a collective work. I personally have lots of albums that I love and will always think are timeless, and there is definitely a part of me that strives to achieve that same timeless quality... I would hope that someone could throw on a CYNE record in twenty years and still think it were relevant or interesting in one way or another.
sightRIZE: This is for Akin and Cise Star, So when you guys rap its really insane because Cise is really quick with his flow and Akin changes the tempo. It really has a nice feel to it. Was this intended?
CISE: That is the way we both complement each other. It brings together both aspects of one unifying theme of expressing ourselves though music. No it wasn't intended, it was just the way it worked out.
sightRIZE: So this is for Akin and Cise Star, What do you feel is the illest verse you have ever spit?
AKIN: I like all my verses the same cuz they all meant something to me at that particular time.
CISE: I don't really have an "illest" verse but some of my favorite songs we have done as a group are "Steady" and "400 Years."
sightRIZE: Recently you had a lotta featuring artists on Starship Utopia how was that experience?
ENOCH: Two of the songs with guest artists on Starship were recorded during sessions in Gainesville with our friends from Miami. Both took place in downtime around shows we had set up with all of the guest artists performing as well as CYNE. One of the songs comes from about 12-15 people being trapped in a house during a hurricane, which is sort of a one time type of experience that is cool to have documented in that way.
SPECK: In a few cases, we worked with sounds and contributions from friends in our community -- bands like Asshole Parade, ROM, Warren Hixson, and Deceptikon all had a hand in shaping that release. This kind of collaboration keeps things fresh, and it inspires challenge on our end. Some of the tracks were long-distance collaborations, some of them took years to complete. So, for all of that music to have developed into a cohesive record is really gratifying.
sightRIZE: Any upcoming projects?
ENOCH: There are always upcoming projects. As of now we have the Pretty Dark Things vinyl coming out in November which will come with a download card containing the album plus extra bonus songs and other material. After that, we'll have new and unreleased material that we'd like to release. We like to stay working on things, so there should be many projects on the horizon.
SPECK: We're always working. The three years it took to create "Pretty Dark Things" and "Starship Utopia" were never idle. Even tonight, we're working on new material... Other than that, we're hoping to tour in support of the album.
sightRIZE: Anything You'd like to end with?
ENOCH: Thank you to all CYNE fans. Go vote on November 4th

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sightRIZE Questions Wiseman

sightRIZE:Okay for the listeners that may not know, would you like to
do a brief bio?
Wiseman:Back when I was 12, my grandmother gave all the children a 100 dollars. I used the money to buy a radio. Listen to Hip Hop every day all day, and told myself I would become the best MC, and here I am.
sightRIZE:So how did your name "Wiseman" come together?
Wiseman:I had all these rymes filled in notebooks, but had no beats. So in the year 2000 I got my first beat machine, and started making instrumentals. I called my production company "Wiseman Production". Because through my beats, I would stimulate Wise words to be spoken. Then everybody just started callin' me Wiseman. I figured the name pretty much found me.
sightRIZE:So coming from that, wisemans gotta be wise, so would you like to drop some knowledge for our blog through a quote?
Wiseman:Music is the vehicle through which the Most High's Energy is transmitted into the hearts of many. Music is a behavior shaping tool first, and entertainment secound.
sightRIZE:Music is my voice is amazing, my favorite track off the street scholars, what was your inspiration for that?
Wiseman:I'm a calm quiet person, so the only time I really have something to say is when I'm writing lyrics or on the mic. So music became my voice to share my thoughts to the world.
sightRIZE:So do you have any upcoming projects?
Wiseman:Glad you asked, I putting the finishing touches on an upcoming album titled "Children of the Sun". So far I've completed 13 tracks on it, also I wrote a book of positive affirmations that comes with the cd. It's definitely one to treasure, Heavenly music.
sightRIZE:On the street scholars, you hooked up with prefyx how was that?
Wiseman:Me and Pre been knowing each other since 1992, he was in a group called lifestyles. We would always build togeter, here and there, have freestyle sessions. I've always wanted to work with him since his flavor is unique. So he blessed me with 16 bars on "2 late".
sightRIZE:Do you have any personal favorites in rappers?
Wiseman: KRS One is my distant mentor in rap. Nas, Commmon, Mos Def, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Ras Kass, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, just to name a few.
sightRIZE:Outside of hiphop what are your interests?
Wiseman:READING... books from the bible to Meter Neter to Life and teachings of the Master of the Far East. I like to fill up the bowl with knowledge, then spoon feed. If I'm not creating Hip Hop I'm building with my seed, family and friends.
sightRIZE:Anything you'd like to end with?
Wiseman:Just wanna say, keep vibing to the truest artform. Yaw got it. It means alot to see how hip hop truly effects our lives on a worldwide scale. Any time you wanna build I'm here.

sightRIZE Questions Co$$

sightRIZE: First could you tell us a bit about yourself for other listeners to get a bit on your bio?
Co$$: Im 24, from Leimert Park, Los Angeles...Been rhyming for 10 years, rhyming seriously for about 5.....Im affliated with Blu and Taraach, Sene out of Brooklyn, and DJ exile...I'm a loyal westcoast repres enative, north and south coast music is what I call "socially street"...Im not a concious emcee, but Im not a backpacker either...somewhere inbetween gangster and revolutionary..I'm very reclusive, I don't do big crowds unless I'M doing shows...I just want to bring back that raw westcoast hiphop that I feel the game is missing.....
sightRIZE: Whats the best part about rappin?
Co$$:Being able to express myself through a rt....It's like stress relief everytime I write or spit a rhyme....
sightRIZE: How do you feel about the state of HipHop today?
Co$$: Not very good....I feel hopeful, but right now I'm not very inspired or impressed by most of the new shit dropping, to much style biting, not enough offense to any new or established emcee doing their thing.....
sightRIZE: Growing up what were your hobbies?
Co$$: Rhyming, haha...I been rhyming since 14....Hanging out with thugs was also another hobby, haha...I played sports, mainly basketball, or should I say only basketball, haha....I used to collect N ightwing comic books as well...I was a only child so I had to entertain myself....
sightRIZE: What is a song of yours that you are most proud of?
Co$$:These are the days has to be my favorite song...I captured the way I was feeling at the time perfectly and put it into rhymes, I usually struggle to convey my emotion through rhyme.....
sightRIZE: I see that you are friends with Sene and Blu, are there any projects we should look for between you guys?
Co$$:actually, Look out for a collaboration project with Shawn Jackson and I after my solo release....I do not want t o say too much but it's going to be a major move for westside lyricism.....Blu will be involved as well....
sightRIZE: What is the biggest influence on your music?
Co$$:Life experience...What I've been through and will go through will always shape what I rhyme about....It's all about perspective in my opinion.....
sightRIZE: Do you have any favorite artists and why?
Co$$:My favorite artist is Blu....Just because I have witnessed h is growth first hand, musically and career wise....He inspires me to be my own emcee, because he is his....I'm also a fan of J-electronica, Plex rock, elzhi, Taraach, Shawn Jack, and every emcee with his own style, haha...
sightRIZE: Well through your music, I feel that you are a wise dude, would you like to drop some knowledge for our blog through a quote?
Co$$:uhhh, let's see,
"this is a lesson that I learned from mistakes, LEARN FROM MISTAKES"
"YOU get a chance when you earn you a place".....
sightRIZE: Anything you'd like to end with?
Co$$:thanks for reaching out, and please support the music, I have a mixtape dropping late december entitled "THE Coss edition" and my lp "before I awoke" will be dropping in may on tres records, so fuck wit ya boi, cop the records!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

On Days I Have Nothing To Do.


Way Back Then

Just takin back good memories and as I was highliting a string of BTG'S exsistence I remembered a blog that influenced us the most, The Hundreds. sightRIZE has been on the blog once before and it is above!
The Hundreds IS HUGE.

ArtOfficial Interview By sightRIZE

Okay this is the ArtOfficial hiphop group. They do hiphop with a jazzy beat and it has never sounded so good. Check out Big City Bright Lights, their music video off their album Fist Fights And Foot Races that is on iTUNES and AMAZON both. Cop it. Really deserving dudes.

sightRIZE: So you have a saxophone player in your crew which is really original, how did that come together?
ArtOfficial:It came together by coincidence actually. At the time that it happened we weren't technically a band. Just a bunch of musicians who made music with different people and came together for some paying gigs. We didn't have a name and nobody knew of us. The keyboardist wanted a lead instrumentalist for the gigs we were getting. The first gig we did was a pool hall called Felt in Miami Beach and so the keys player, Danny, called up Keith (Sax) who happened to live on the beach. Keith didn't know any of the songs, he just improvised the whole set and just ripped it up. Everything clicked that night and we figured we could make a serious band and put some serious effort into this. The next day Keith left to India for a month. Meanwhile we're in Miami hoping that he's down to work with us when he gets back and he's in India hoping we don't kill each other in that month he was gone.
sightRIZE: So try to choose one Jazz or Hip-Hop and why? Aha this is a tough question.
ArtOfficial:I don't think anybody in the group can pick one. We walk a very thin line between genres of music. For the most part music was separated into genres to make it easier to sell. And the same can be said for the visual arts. To us theirs good music and bad music so the choice is pretty easy when you break it down like that.
sightRIZE: What's the greatest part about Florida?
ArtOfficial:I don't know about Florida, but I can speak on the small southeastern country of Miami. There are a lot of great things going on here in the good ol' 305, but my favorite right now is the emerging music and art scene.
4. Who is your favorite hip-hop artist(s)?
ArtOfficial:The Blackstar album is a personal favorite of mine. Mos Def is an incredible artist. As you can imagine we have a lot of favorites so I'll speak for the entire band and mention Pharaoh Monch (who we got to open for), Aesop Rock, Outkast, Dilla, and The Roots.
sightRIZE: What is the lyric/song you guys are most proud of?
ArtOfficial:It depends on the day of the week really. My favorite anything changes from week to week. Eyes of a Stranger is one I know the band is proud of. I'm gonna say, personally, the lyrics on Gone are my favorite right now.
sightRIZE: The concept of the big city bright lights video was really unique, how did that happen?
ArtOfficial:We worked with the director of the video to come up with the finished product you saw. It was really a balancing act between working with-in our means and making something visually interesting.
sightRIZE: Outside of hip-hop what are your guy's interests?
ArtOfficial:Drinking heavily, and picking up women at sex addiction For real though, Keith is a surfer at heart. Newsense collects tattoos. Manny likes things that travel fast over water. Ralf is a sandwich connoisseur. Danny is a connoisseur of a different sort. And I like to read about the end of the world. Ha.
sightRIZE: So we are young in our crew 14-16, and were wondering what your ideal day would be like if you were are age?
ArtOfficial:A typical high school day for me included driving to school, showing up late to my first class with a cup of coffee, sleeping through the first 3 periods, doing my battle rapper thing in lunch, skipping into the second lunch to annihilate all the second lunch shit-talking rappers, hitting up my photo class, then impressing my racist English teach who didn't think brown people could write anything of merit. Some time after that I would sleep some more, listen to loud rap music, and make loud rap music. I can't speak for the other guys, although I know their days involved things I probably shouldn't be suggesting to impressionable
sightRIZE: Any upcoming projects/events we should be on the lookout for?
ArtOfficial:Definitely. We're working on our US release, which has no name or release date as of now. As you may or may not know, we have an album out, but it is exclusive to Japan. We're taking the very best material from that album and mixing it with the new hot shit for the US release. We're also looking for a company to put that out here in the good ol' U.S. of A. I think you'll see that album out some time in early 09 and a live album some time in the middle of the year.
sightRIZE: Anything you'd like to end with?
ArtOfficial:Yeah. A special thanks to you guys for giving us an outlet to the people and also to the supporters far and near.
sightRIZE: Okay thanks ArtOfficial crew!