Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If You Have Haters You Must Be Doing Something Right.

Yo, lately I checked this chatbox, I checked all this garbage people been posting about us. And all I got to say is thank you.
C'mon if you think some words is gonna knock me off then I'm sorry to disappoint but I could really care less. Evidently I can name some of you in the chatbox but I'm not tryna start nothin'. You do realize that every time you view this blog you are directly supporting us, so thanks for that.
I'd actually like to adress some of these comments.
Thizzkid wrote, "You guys are seriously a ******'d disgrace to hip-hop"
My response to you thizzkid is if you got a problem then say it to my face, you wanna cuss me out then do it to my face and tell me who you are. And I find it funny that you are callin' me a disgrace to hip-hop when your name is thizzkid. You probably don't even pop pills, callin yourself a thizzkid. In fact I bet you haven't even seen thizz. So please do us all a favor and keep hatin' it gives us somethin to laugh at.
Next, RealHipHop wrote, "RealHipHop: u guys are a bunch of rich poser ****s that dont kno **** about hip hop"
My response to RealHipHop is first haha you called me rich, second hats off to you for callin yourself the realest one. Evidently Im not sayin I'm no heavy guru that knows everything about hip-hop. And if you are so real then why even bother lookin' at a blog you claim doesn't know anythin' about hip-hop, if you were really the realest then you would be lookin' at the realest blogs and you claim this blog isn't real so why bother lookin' at it? Unless of course I dunno, coincedentially you happen to be some poser who tries to call himself the realest... Haha whatchu know about that?
Next I'd like to adress this funny guy dopeboy who wrote, "haha, i second that realhiphop. the shoes this kid kza bougt has hypebeast written all over it. black star? wow, you must think you're the coolest guy in your school."
Okay Dopeboy, look at the name you signed on under its dopeboy, that clearly shows you definetely think you are all that and are jumping on the latest trends tryna stay what you claim to be so dope. If you were as dope as you claim and not you really wouldn't care. And please explain to me how Send Helps and Denim dunks are hypebeast?! Haha please get a reality check fool. You are wack and are the HYPEBEAST! KZA is not a hypebeast, and is my best friend you attack KZA you attack sightRIZE. So Dopeboy, blackstar is a classic fool. Don't trip. If you knew some hiphop maybe you would know that. I bet your're lined up for a soulja boy album.
In transition, lol said, "w-e-a-k blog"
Haha you really made me laugh. Okay if you think this is week I'd like to see you compete, go get some interviews and write and tell me if you can do better. And if you think its week guess what, we did a interview with the rapper Blu who was recently on the cover of XXL mag! And we did an interview with Donny Goines, whose new videos are on MTVU. Wait a second, I recall you called us weak? You must have high standards.
And then we have a dude that tried to impersonate Nas, Blu and Sene
blu: where did iMAGiNE go? at least he was the only one that did act like a ***** when it came to hip hop
nas: fail
sene: fail
My response to this is wow you think you are cool don't you? Haha. Seeing as Sene and Blu both did interviews with us, they must've obviously had reason to do so. If you think our blog is a fail then really make your own. We do us, I do me, you should do you.
To conclude to the haters thank you, I really got something to laugh at. And I use haters as inspiration so you are only making me do better. Jealousy is a female trait so if you jealous over a blog... "If you have haters you must be doing something right". "I'd rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I'm not." I love haters. "Everything I'm not made me everything I am."
I Still Does It.
My newly lit fire. Hustle. Struggle. Soul Desire.

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