Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sightRIZE Questions Donny Goines.

I, sightRIZE had a chance to ask some questions to the rapper, Donny Goines. And must I tell you Donny is one humble down to earth dude. He let me ask questions just for this blog. This is an exclusive. Donny is a talented artist that is really making is name get out there. Cop his shit.
He really made our visions at BRIDGINGthe Gap come true.

1. sightRIZE: How do you feel about posers and the wack tracks in the hiphop game right now?
Donny: I feel there are just too many of both in the game right now. Honestly speaking I really don't care what other people do but the problem with it is that they are just taking up too much space. It's time for real artists to be in the forefront.

2. sightRIZE: You recently hooked up with Static Selektah for a song called what you expected. How was that?
Donny: That was dope. We knocked the joint out in his crib. I went over there and we listened to some records. Once we found that track he threw the scratches on it, I laid down the verses and there you have it. We sent it out that same day and the response was very good (got me played on Hot 97 among other things). He's doing a joint for my album too. Much love to Statik Selektah.

3. sightRIZE: Who your favorite HipHop artist in the game now and why?
Donny: That's a hard question. If I had to pick one I'd probably say Joell Ortiz. That dude is the epitomie of a Real MC in my opinion and I'm a huge fan.

4. sightRIZE: Did you have any inspiration for songs?
Donny: All the time. Inspiration is all around me and it strikes at any given moment. I only write my music when I'm inspired. I can't really tell you what inspires me because it's so random and sporadic, but for the most part I am inspired by people, vibes and life.

5. sightRIZE: How do you feel as you are getting more popularity?
Donny: I feel cool. Popularity is cool, but not really my thing to be honest with you. I've always been the quiet type as far as that goes so it's strange to me when people run up on me in the streets, or write me emails saying who much they love what I do, etc. but I love the people so it's all good. Im here for them and if they love what I'm doing then I will continue to keep doing it.

6. sightRIZE: Growing up how did you feel about clothing and HipHop? What were your interests?
Donny: Funny enough, I wasn't really a huge Hip Hop head growing up. I loved rap, and was always into fashion but I wasn't as into it as I am now. Hip Hop to me is a lifestyle and a culture and it's something that you have to really live to understand. Now I feel I have a full understanding of it so I embrace it with open arms.

7. sightRIZE: What can we expect in the future? Any upcoming projects?
Donny: Minute After Midnight. My official debut album. It's being Executive Prod. by Dame Grease and will feature many other producers such as Ron Browz, Statik Selektah and Kwame to name a few. Expect some surprise guests on there as well. That's something I am currently working on right now and should be done in the next couple of months.

8. sightRIZE: Anything You'd like to end the interview with?
Donny: Thanks for all the love and support. Be sure to look out for my "Bars" series every Thursday and keep an eye and an ear out for new music. Much love and God Bless.

We highly thank Donny and appreciate what hes done for the blog. Much love to Donny and good luck with his work!

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