Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Can't critique me now, besides the fact that the pictures stills suck and I don't have an SLR. Haha.
I tried.
New Pickup, you already know I had to try. I fail at the eye attempt. Sorry haha.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Was crackin'. Shoutout to Danny, Brian and Kevin for showin' me a good time.
Excuse me for the phone pictures. I forgot my cam, and y'all would complain about lack of pix if I didn't show you anyway! Better than nothing!

Some of the illest work I've seen down by warm springs in fremont, check it out.

Spotted a JorOne tag on haight. Dope. Peep his ish now!
Too lazy to rotate. Haha. I enjoyed the view, once again sorry for the poor quality. Next time I forget my camera you can cap on my ass!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Most of you are familiar with the website
After being with the forums since December, we have labeled it as WACK!
For those of you that may not know, ISS (solecollector forums) is a intricate maze of overall garbage. And damn, it makes you dream.
See the more I logged onto ISS the more I felt myself losing sight of reality.
This is a recession, but people are dropping 5 bills on kicks.
But it was funny.
Kids be labeling themselves as "goons", "leet", "ill", "hooligans", "sneakerbois", "fresh", "mad dope". And there's nothing wrong with that. Except for the fact that these kids are all 5 feet tall and look like they still in the third grade (they even got a high pitched voice).
Now listen kids, our blog has built up a rep within the leet crew of ISS. So I expect whoever's reading this from ISS to pay close attention.
If you are not working, if you do not have a steady income in your family, if you are under the age of 16 and are dropping 200+ on shoes, you are a fool. All love, but dog check the real world. You cop some infrared 6's for instance, not in the best condition.
90% of the real world is not going to know what kinda shoes are on your feet let alone care.
95% of the real world thinks you are retarded for spending a vast amount of cash on used shoes.
But then again you do have the 5% of kids who think you are leet for coppin'.
You get beat shoes for over 10 dollars, your're a fool. Get it straight.
Don't be hatin', I work but damn you won't catch me playing the fool and spending over a hundred on any shoe anymore. As I do desire the bred 4s, the price is ridiculous for a shoe.
Any kid who is a sneakerhead and eats money from his parents or relatives, I do not respect.
If you have a job or a way of getting income, then being a sneakerhead is an option.
ISS has also made us have a few good laughs.
For instance, the what did you wear today thread is goddamn funny dog.
I am glad I do not shop at boutiques 24/7 after lookin' at what typa people do!
Having a bad day?
Take a look at the what did you wear today thread. Its bound to cheer you up!
Overall, ISS is coo no doubt, I'm still gonna use it to tryta sell all my ish I regret gettin'. And when I'm lookin for a quick cop on sneakers.
But the people on there, the whole culture is just based off impulse. Kids there are obnoxious, flakers send you offers.
Its a risk, but at the end of the day if your're lookin' to move ish or get a quick cop it may be worth it.
KZA was so irritated with it however, he quit sneakers. I don't blame him! He had quite a reason, seeing how the people turn out is really ironically sad. Haha.
Believe that g.

Is It Wrong To Dream?

I've given' up. Haha.