Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sightRIZE Questions Wiseman

sightRIZE:Okay for the listeners that may not know, would you like to
do a brief bio?
Wiseman:Back when I was 12, my grandmother gave all the children a 100 dollars. I used the money to buy a radio. Listen to Hip Hop every day all day, and told myself I would become the best MC, and here I am.
sightRIZE:So how did your name "Wiseman" come together?
Wiseman:I had all these rymes filled in notebooks, but had no beats. So in the year 2000 I got my first beat machine, and started making instrumentals. I called my production company "Wiseman Production". Because through my beats, I would stimulate Wise words to be spoken. Then everybody just started callin' me Wiseman. I figured the name pretty much found me.
sightRIZE:So coming from that, wisemans gotta be wise, so would you like to drop some knowledge for our blog through a quote?
Wiseman:Music is the vehicle through which the Most High's Energy is transmitted into the hearts of many. Music is a behavior shaping tool first, and entertainment secound.
sightRIZE:Music is my voice is amazing, my favorite track off the street scholars, what was your inspiration for that?
Wiseman:I'm a calm quiet person, so the only time I really have something to say is when I'm writing lyrics or on the mic. So music became my voice to share my thoughts to the world.
sightRIZE:So do you have any upcoming projects?
Wiseman:Glad you asked, I putting the finishing touches on an upcoming album titled "Children of the Sun". So far I've completed 13 tracks on it, also I wrote a book of positive affirmations that comes with the cd. It's definitely one to treasure, Heavenly music.
sightRIZE:On the street scholars, you hooked up with prefyx how was that?
Wiseman:Me and Pre been knowing each other since 1992, he was in a group called lifestyles. We would always build togeter, here and there, have freestyle sessions. I've always wanted to work with him since his flavor is unique. So he blessed me with 16 bars on "2 late".
sightRIZE:Do you have any personal favorites in rappers?
Wiseman: KRS One is my distant mentor in rap. Nas, Commmon, Mos Def, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Ras Kass, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, just to name a few.
sightRIZE:Outside of hiphop what are your interests?
Wiseman:READING... books from the bible to Meter Neter to Life and teachings of the Master of the Far East. I like to fill up the bowl with knowledge, then spoon feed. If I'm not creating Hip Hop I'm building with my seed, family and friends.
sightRIZE:Anything you'd like to end with?
Wiseman:Just wanna say, keep vibing to the truest artform. Yaw got it. It means alot to see how hip hop truly effects our lives on a worldwide scale. Any time you wanna build I'm here.

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