Friday, September 19, 2008

sightRIZE Questions Sene.

First off Sene is so sick. Dope dude. Real dope. I had a phone call with him. How many rappers would allow you to do that?! Real humble dude. I hope you enjoy this, I did.

sightRIZE: My favorite song off Elevator Music was "These Days" what
was your inspiration for that?
Sene: These Days can be rough man...even when money aint the issue. Jobs, bosses, people gota work to survive so even if the check is comin it aint comin stress free...Or its gone soon as it comes...But I have alot of downtempo songs addressing everyday issues..I wanted a more upbeat to joint to do a song like that over..when Brady sent me that I just let out some ideas and it came together. thank you.
sightRIZE: So I heard the BeSene EP with Blu on it. Is it official
that you are gonna do a full album with him?
Sene: We're gonna put out a full length album with me on the raps him on the breaks. The BeSene is more of a digital single deal. It [BeSene] was really just some fun, it's just how me and Blu started recording tracks.
sightRIZE: Yeah this Blu thing is just huge man.
Sene: Yeah I appreciate that man. Some cats are likin it so hopefully that works out.
sightRIZE: Yeah man you and Blu coming together is straight crazy.
Like Below The Heavens is really beautifully crafted.
Sene: Yeah, Below The Heavens is one of my favorite albums. A lotta cats will be like oh thats his homie so of course hes gonna say that hes not gonna say he didn't like it.. but imma tell you right now nepotism isn't needed when critiquing below the heavens. Lyrically it drove me to push deeper..Instead of having the hottest lines maybe further elaborating on a subject to help folks understand what your trying to say more. Then your intricacy becomes whats hot instead of a punchline...mixing booth is dope and that album did that well.
sightRIZE: Yeah Blu&Exiles really powerful like that man.
Sene: someones speakin to you, instead of just kickin raps to you. you know what Im sayin?
sightRIZE: Yeah I feel you. I had to hop like five record stores
constantly to get that.
Sene: I mean sometimes .. not the artist obviously.. but on the business side of things they can really drop the ball, an album of that quality should be able to be found everywhere but with that one you really have to go on a witchhunt. sightRIZE: So if you could find one inspiration for all your songs what would that be?
Sene: If I could pick one inspiration for all my songs, It would be the awkward situations I observe, situations people find themselves in and how they deal with'em. I'll be real with you my little cousins help me stay attached to that zone I was in growing up. I have cousins around your age actually if I'm not mistaken and just seeing what they go through just makes me wanna make music.
sightRIZE: Yeah I feel you.
sightRIZE: So if you had to choose one HipHop artist or group which
one would be your favorite group?
Sene: Yeah, thats a tough question. Damn. One cat?! Oh man. One cat in the game I think imma go out and choose Andre 3000.
sightRIZE: Andre 3000?
Sene: Yeah and a lotta people gonna be like huh?! And its just because I don't think he let nobody hold him in the box you know what Im sayin?
sightRIZE: Yeah I feel you.
Sene: He came out wearin jerseys flipped it to pink wigs and like it was just straight cause it just let people know all over that no matter what good music is good music. So anytime someone tells me, you can't do that people gonna think you crazy lookin at Andre workin Im like nobody gonna think its crazy. I mean lookin at Andre and Outkast in
general is just one of the biggest inspiration on me and Blu's album.
sightRIZE: (I have no clue what I said here)
Yeah man its unbelievable , because you listen to what a lotta these kids listen to and (Im really sorry for interrupting him here I was getting really excited haha -sightRIZE)
sightRIZE: So what do you think of the Outkast track the Art Of Storytellin?
Sene: Yeah I remember when that Slick Rick got on the series you remember that?
sightRIZE: Yeah man.
Sene: When that Slick Ricks voice came on I was hype. I remember blastin that in my headphones and I was like wow! Slick Rick and Andre 3000. Which version was your favorite.
sightRIZE: Im feelin part two man.
sightRIZE: I mean I feel like theres a lotta wack tracks in the
mainstream game right now that Im really not feelin like that Soulja
bullshit or whatever. Like hes pretty wack.
Sene: I mean sellin millions its hard to say anything you know. I just wish that this wasnt the only thing being played..NY is a little better with their hip hop stations and what gets played but if there was some "it was written" mixed in with the "supaman that hoes " thered be a wider variety..Cats are gettin retarded...Im hearin cats like why bother writing rhymes yo jus come up with some catchy shit and....thats where i cut it off..
sightRIZE: (laughs) Yeah I feel you man.
Sene: I mean now days a lotta underground rappers can't do projects and give away a million units let alone sell a million digital tracks. you know what I'm sayin? They couldnt give you a dollar with the CD and tell you to take it. But as far as quality music, its funny. Growin up compared to now, I cant believe whats on the stereo.
sightRIZE: (laughs) Yeah man.
Sene: So at this point I kinda laugh and I enjoy it now cause Im like it makes me appreciate the people I listen to, the people I work with, don't work with. It makes them stand out even more. And in a world full of robot voices like you know it just makes more appreciation.
sightRIZE: So if you were our age what would be your ideal day?
Sene: WakeUp...Get dressed like I was goin to school..leave for the homies crib to eat drink and rap. Pizza Beer and AcidPro.
sightRIZE: Yeah I feel.
Sene: I was definetly lookin for myself at your age. My steppops was more in the picture and my moms and him started setllin the party a little more... after goin to public school my whole life I was really fuckin up. I didnt get into any of the public schools that were known to be dope after junior high..i had a bunch of suspensions, red marks n shit...My whole family had basically dropped out of Sheepshead highschool minus my sister. So they knew id do the same if i went there. They busted their ass workin in supermarkets n came at me thrreatening paying for military school. I think it was cheaper for a few years of catholic school. Unfortunately shit on that opportunity as well.
sightRIZE: Yeah I feel you at that point because going to school
sucks. But going to private school , that must suck worse. But you're
a natural rapper man if you never came into the game and made elevator
music and hooked up with Blu for an album. I dont even know man.
Sene: Yea and I was real out of place...I had a blowout tho..greezed that baby out..cringe thinkin about it. But Im sure when they were saving and bustin their ass to pay..rapping never crossed their mind as my future. But it was their final push..they had no chance at helpin me for college they hoped id pull a scholly out or someshit. N someother little nonsense i pulled blocked my financial aid.
sightRIZE: Yeah but I'm sure she looks at your lyrics now and really
thinks its amazing.
Sene: Moms would rather see me in a suit than rappin on a stage.
sightRIZE: Yeah and I feel you on that because maybe its hard for them
to see something theyd never expect. Like I feel the same way because
my parents try to get me education and shit is all i'm reallly into
right now is Graffiti and HipHop.
Sene: Yeah growing up for me it was hard because I spent a lotta years isolated with music. I spent a lotta years by myself like straight up BY MYSELF. My sister was basically raising me and while my mom trying to figure out where her life ending up. My pops out doing his thing. So when that time came they wanted to get a hold on me cause they were getting a grip on their own shit.. I was so used to doing my own thing that I couldn't be harnessed. So it was beyond go get an education do what we say to do.., for me it was like of all the ages you should've had taken the time to guide now Ive chosen what I wanna do. I just moved with it.
sightRIZE: So how did your career start? Like how did you make your
mark in the game?
Sene: Oh man I started in class just in junior high school .. me and the homeys just writing raps. my first rap was when I was seven years old it was some anti-drug soundin shit. But I really didn't touch it again till junior high school. And it would just be a way to ignore the teacher and pass it between the homeys and such. But then I started recording next door in the homeys building and we would use a cheap ass microphone or those computer microphones. Then I started living life at a little faster pace, met a girl from California. Came out here. Loved it. Then I moved. And people was like you're crazy! You wont be able to survive youll be back in 2 weeks. But I was like no fuck it imma go do it and ive only been back to visit a bunch since but never on a perma stay.
sightRIZE: So you're originally from Brooklyn right?
Sene: Yeah born and raised... till eighteen. Then I bounced to Cali.
sightRIZE: Well Im glad to have you out here man.
Sene: Yeah thanks I appreciate it. Shit, I'm glad I'm here man. Yeah its a really hard thing to do, move in someone elses territory.
sightRIZE: How do you feel about it now man?
Sene: Everydays a blessin out here. Cause you got palm trees and a sun as the backdrop and then the grimiest shit you'll ever see playin out in front of it. Where Im from they dont realize that of course its going to look different..thats geography and mother nature...But dont let the pretty sites fool you about Cali . I love it here though. Its a really hard thing to do when you are moving into someone elses territory but I'm fortunate enough to have been given a little elbow space to work here and I respect the scene even more so for allowin me that..Cause trust if someone don't want you making moves in their area you wont be there..Regardless city state country...So it aint like You can just come setup camp with a fucked up attitude. Nor would I want too. I been able to build with real talented cats in LA...Cashius King (Coss) and Blu are the illest individual rappers left side in my opinion and its a strong team.
sightRIZE: Yeah man you're hookin up with Blu that shits crazy.
Sene: Yeah that was somethin different because we are from a whole different place and we met and its just beautiful to see how it came out.
sightRIZE: So how do you feel anything between clothing and HipHop?
Sene: Yeah thats a funny question man because at your age I used to do a lotta different things for money on the side and I'd blow it all on clothes. . (laughs)I figuredif I spent all my money on the illest gear then I could pass for having more than I did. So I was really heavy into fashion for years. But then after I moved to Cali surviving day to day without the ability to just start makin moves..I had to humble pie real quick..Broke...again...but it taught me alot I realized you waste so much time and energy on areas that should be the fun touch at the end..cherry on top to who you are and what you are doing..Not the primary selling point. I got the little kid in me thats saying, "Go cop those" but then I got the other voice in me thats like, "You better not!" So im just minding my own position. (laughs)
sightRIZE: So you're in LA now right?
Sene: Yeah man Im in LA now.
sightRIZE: The culture out there is like ridiculous!
Sene: Yeah its crazy, I joke that everyday people come out to chill to show out their new clothing not run errands.
sightRIZE: Yeah, you go out to Fairfax and muhfuckas is wearing shit
Iv never even seen before!
Sene: Yeah they probably worked a week so they could wear that shirt to buy a latte.
sightRIZE: So ... the cover art for Elevator Music was one of the
dopest covers Ive seen.. how did that come together?
Sene: I always said that I feel like I was lacking color in my visuals. I grew up doing a lot of graffit and stuff so bold colors was everything to me. So I felt like I wanna be bold and get a lotta color in this so we had a couple shots to work with and the homey, Ryan Webster looked at some of my shots and came with that and I liked it. And the fact that it was all graffiti it wasnt computer paint meant more. I really liked that in the background.
sighRIZE: So speaking of graffiti when you started your name probably
wasn't Sene right?
Sene: Yeah like I dunno how much you guys know about graffiti but "Seen" is one of the legendary graffiti writers, my friends speculate whether it's true or not but word was growin up he went from NY to Hollywood and busted on the Hollywood sign. I remember growin up hearing that story, It just left me dazed for five minutes like I can do that! But when I started I was so corny man and I was doing it for the rush and all the older homeys were just ridiculous , real ill with it, city acclaim. And I was just trying to get on! Scrappin over little corny tag names. I was writing Elroy cause I was the little kid hanging with a bunch of older kids. So one of the homeys brothers had thrown the name around and it just stuck. So everybody started calling me Elroy. So I could embrace it and write it or be like damn im young buck over here i get it. So I said imma make this badass fuck it.hah. So I just started writing it.
sightRIZE: So Im from the bay. And when I go to San Francisco,
muh'fuckas have this crazy shit out there and you see my little tag on
the stop sign and its like you know?
Sene: Yea man its intimidating. Shits crazy cause a lotta kids died over graffiti....trainridin...beef. But the adrenaline rush was worth it at the time i felt... To get that shit all over and to be ill with it just makes you go on. I didnt push anywhere near what the homies did.But Its like listening to someones music makes you wanna make a dope song. Seeing your little weak handstyles next to all this big pre-planned pieces is pretty intimidating, makes you scared to go home and hit the black book. Its like when you get into the cipher at the park and kids been spitting for five-six years and you're about to pop out with the "Yo Im So Hot" raps.
sightRIZE: Alright man, any upcoming projects we should look for?
Sene: Imma let my hair down for a minute, imma just let Elevator Music circulate and just watch for me and Blu in January.
sightRIZE: Yeah that shits gonna be crazy man.
Sene: Yeah I just hope people take to it man. Its different its like a whole genre of its own. A lotta people are gonna be like this aint what I expected but I think that'll be a good thing.
sightRIZE: Yeah and I just realized that I didnt ask you your favorite
album so if you had to choose an album what would that be?
Sene: Oh shit man. Damn thats a hard question. It was written was up there...moment of truth when i was young..But OneDay it'll all make sense was the first cd my brother gave me before moment of truth and that had me bugged out at how you can word things to make people have to figure things out in there head because you are implying instead of
directly saying something.
sightRIZE: Whatd you think of the new Nas album?
Sene: Honestly I have been so busy the last two months I did not get to that so Id rather tell you that then yeah its dope. So I wouldnt lie to you. A lotta cats get mad at him but to me anything he puts out is worth support.
sightRIZE: So you were at the time of NaS, Jay-Z beef right?
Sene: Yeah I cut school that day. I listened to everybody calling. When it was over I just took it in for a second. I'll never forget the day though. Stayin home and bumpin that shit over my little Aiwa sterero. sightRIZE: So like my ma doesnt appreciate HipHop or anything about the culture or a lotta my friends thats really deep with it. So how did your mom deal with that? Sene: Its still kinda bad for my mom you know. Most people dont think like my child is gonna be a rapper you know?
sightRIZE: Yeah because HipHop is negatively perceived in the public.
Sene: My mothers like ..somethings gonna happen, you're gonna die look what happened to so and so.. stop rapping. Im like take it easy. It got easier for her over the years but people that she knows that you would never expect to be into HipHop to tell her Im makin right moves, so shes developed appreciation because shes seen me have struggle to me alleviating my struggle through HipHop. If I went to community college then she would still see me in her apartment but instead she saw me in Europe and on my own across the country.
sightRIZE: But with you hookin up with Blu theres gonna be a serious take off.
Sene:Ifwe can keep good music coming good things will happen.I like to keep recording and making better music. So hopefully we can all be in a better place. sightRIZE: Anything you'd like to end with?
Do you ... just do you.
sightRIZE: If you ever come to the bay imma come see you no matter what?
Sene: Yeah hopefully i'll be there soon and try to get you a event with no age. I cant promote fake Id's but I hear they are get sold easily in the bay.
sightRIZE: Yeah man imma go to Blu and the DNA lounge too. How else? (laughter)
Sene: Yo man I really appreciate this.
sightRIZE: We appreciate you man.
Sene: Like none of our shit matters. Like hearin your age like doing something positive like writing a blog and even graffiti as long as it aint gangbanging makes me real happy man.
sightRIZE: Yeah man thanks. And Im hookin up with Blu for the blog too
so imma tell him to make a statement about you and hit you up with
that man.
Sene: Aha sure man if he talks shit about me throw it at him!
sightRIZE: Alright man peace and good luck.
Sene: God bless and good luck to you too.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New banner created.

took me a good hour and a half to do. Inspired from the GZA Pro Tools album.



Friday, September 12, 2008

Choose A Lie, Pick A Side, And You Make Foes.

Discipline, No Emotion.
That is the key to life you need discipline. If failed to do this.
To accomplish discipline you need a plan to do what you need to do in a certain amount of time if you don't keep up you fail. Discipline is the only thing that keeps the mind in checks, not other bullshit. You wanna teach yourself something? Learn that first.
You need no emotion to succeed. I was watching the movie "21" a few weeks ago and the dude is smart.
He is right. You get emotional, you get stupid, then you make a bad decision, every decision you make should be on reason not emotion.
Listen to your head not your heart.
Iv failed to that as well.
Another thing you need is set a perfect goal.
I set a perfect goal for this blog because I know it can never be accomplished, so that way it keeps me working to try to find perfection although that is not possible. It is the only way to keep you working steadily otherwise you get lazy and fuck up.
Iv accomplished that.
You gotta get past your shit. Don't think to much otherwise you become worried/stupid.
You got no clue muhfucka and I mean it. I don't think any of us do. We don't no how to do shit with our lives at all.
Success in the US=The Jay-Z statement, "A bunch of people actin like bitches with big mouths"
Humble yourself. Don't be a ignorant muhfucka. Most of all stop being stupid, make decisions based on reason. Not what you feel is right cause it just fucks shit up.
If you wanna start something make sure you finish it correctly or imma finish it for you. You fucks with me you start a fire that cant be put out till you are diminished. Fucks with me and like Freeway its over muhfucka. You dont listen same shit happens. You think Im getting emotional and contradicting? Nah muhfucka this is how imma does it now. This is my reason.
Its time for change.
Escape the long winding road of lies, the truth is emaculate, it can diminish anything.
My goal self balance. To be like the RZA have that mentality. Is it possible? Not even muhfucka.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just Another Day.

My favorite track. Rough day. Nothin like listenin to Blu.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Much Love To D.HOOD of

A shoutout to D.HOOD for postin us on his blog.
Real down to earth dude much love. Check his shit out man real life shit
We wish him luck and god bless.


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sightRIZE Questions Raashan Ahmad Of Crown City Rockers

1. sightRIZE: So we all know Crown City Rockers is the one of the greatest groups out there right now, how did that come together?
Raashan: Crown City actually met in Boston when the band was going to berkelee college of music. We met at random house parties and jam sessions when I moved out there from L.A. After about my 3rd winter there I needed to get back to the cali sunshine, I convinced the crew to move and we all moved to Oakland into one big house and have been making music and travelling the world together since.

2. sightRIZE: And before we get real into it, you are really wise and humble and that's why I look up to you. I do enjoy quotes as well and I really feel like you could drop something to leave us thinking about. Would you like to drop some knowledge in the form of a quote?
Raashan: THANK YOU! I love quotes too. I gotta share one of my personal favorites its by Emma Goldman and its "if I can't dance I don't want to be part of your revolution" I try to make my music with that in mind, making sure that I drop some words with depth and substance but at the same time I want to make sure it something people are gonna want to move too. I think too often "Conscious" rap is boring and the beats aren't that tight. That quote always comes in my head when I'm writing.

3. sightRIZE: So I feel like that one Crown City picture with you throwing your hand to the side and everybody posing/jumping for the picture a classic. How did you come up with that?
Raashan: That's actually taken on Max's (the drummer) street. We were actually loading up our gear for a gig and ran to the middle of the street to take that pic! Luckily our homie (and DOPE photographer) Scott Anderson was there and he took that pic. One of our favorites!

4. sightRIZE: So I feel like Crown City has tons of Jazz influence with Kat on the keyboard and all its really unique like no other, but please correct me if I'm wrong. So when you guys came together was this type of music intended or was it a spark that just hit?
Raashan: I gotta say it just came together. We all come from such different musical backgrounds and our music is like hip hop itself, a bunch of musical styles thrown in a pot and this is what came out. Obviously we are all heavily influenced by jazz but we never made a choice as to how our music should sound we just wanted to be true to ourselves.

5. sightRIZE: After hearing "Simple" I was really eager to hear more about your views on the HipHop game today. Would you like to give a statement?
Raashan: Honestly my views are ever changing. I think one of the greatest things about hip hop now is that there is so many different styles of it! So while commercial radio may be playing the same songs over and over there's lots of good hip hop below the radar thats happening right now.Lots of different groups that are really bringing the culture of the music IN the music. When I wrote "Simple" I was just fed up with hearing bad mc's and feeling like the scene was getting oversaturated with everyone trying to rap so I wrote that joint.

6. sightRIZE: What is the verse/song you are most proud of?
Raashan: Probably "Fight" off my solo record. I love the lyrics and the flow. Plus the beat is more on the party side and I love the "Conscious" lyrics over the "Party" beat.

7. sightRIZE: Like as you know we're young as in 14-16 in our crew. So we were curious to know what you did in your teenage years?
Raashan: rollerbladed,skated,tried to get girls and failed,ate lots of fruit loops,danced,hated my high school,played basketball/baseball,avoided gangs,tried to get girls and failed,made mix tapes,played video games,went to parties,watched t.v,tried to get girls and failed....

8. sightRIZE: Who is your favorite artist in the HipHop game?
Raashan: That's too hard. I cant answer that...KRS and Rakim are my super heroes but Nas is bananas too but A tribe called quest and De La Soul defined my hip hop story, but Pharoah Monch is a monster! but Mf Doom, Brother Ali, Freeway, J-Live, P.U.T.S., Talib Kweli, Elzhi and Blu are incredible too!!! and Soooooooooo many more.

9 sightRIZE: Any upcoming projects we should know about?
Raashan: YES! The new Crown City Rockers record is almost done and should be out early next year! Also My solo album "The Push" is out now. The New album from my fellow crown city rocker Kat Ouano called "Natural Phenomenons" is out now and Headnodic from Crown city has a group with Gift of Gab (Blackalicious) and Lateef the truth speaker called Mighty Underdogs that should be coming out in october!

10. sightRIZE: Anything that you'd like to end with?
Raashan: Thanks for supporting and keep supporting good music! Peace!Raashan

sightRIZE Questions Blu

Okay this was really special for me since this is my favorite rapper of all time. No lie. Hes dope. Peep him if you haven't you are really missin somethin. I really thank Blu, and his manager Jon Kim for hookin us up.
This is truly greater than anything I could have asked for so yes this is possibly one of the greatest moments of my life. No lie.
Blu is a great rolemodel and just a overall person I look up to. So enjoy!

1. sightRIZE: Below The Heavens is the best album possibly of all time said by many hiphop heads and the greatest album of all time in my mind, how do you feel about that?
Blu: IFeelLikeMaybeUShouldListenToSomeOfMyFavoriteAlbums.

2. sightRIZE: How do you feel about all the posers and wack tracks in the game right now?
Blu: IThinkItGivesPeopleanAlternative,LikeUs.

3. sightRIZE: Who is your favorite artist in the hiphop game and why?
Blu: JayElectronica,

4. sightRIZE: Your collabo was abstraxx was sick how did that start?
Blu: TheyAreFriendsWithMainframe,HeHookedItUp.

5. sightRIZE: How did your career start?
Blu: AfterIHeard,"ItsDarkAndHellIsHot"

6. sightRIZE: My favorite song off below the heavens was dancing in the rain, what was the inspiration for that?
Blu: WorkingAtAWacAssNine2Five.

7. sightRIZE: A couple months ago I copped the CRAC album and it was unique! What is the concept for that?
Blu: FreedomFromScratch.

8. sightRIZE: Any upcoming projects we should know about?
Blu: Yup,Many.

sightRIZE: And Imma come see you at DNA lounge in San Francisco for sure. No matter if they dont let me in theres gonna be a fuckin ruckus. Aha for real though if you're coming to my city I gotta see you!

10. Anything You'd Like to end with?
Blu: Yes,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Was Told Hell Was Hot But Had To Feel It For Myself.

Yo! sightRIZE back at it again. My bad for not posting, iv left you guys hanging for a while, we've been mad hectic as our schools have reopened and shit. You know the usual shit out here.
Anyway. Recent shit: Switched schools and shit been gettin adjusted.
Reading the WU-TANG MANUAL. Which by the way is really interesting, if you think you know the WU you are dead wrong, you don't know shit till you read this book. I have discovered so much just after reading most of it. RZA is the wisest muh'fucka ever. Such a down to earth dude he's just a regular person is what he comes of as. No overconfidence or anything.
Next, been really thinking about this lately. People are lacking originality!
I mean why must you do what somebody else does? Why must you listen to Hip-Hop to claim you aren't a poser?
It's either you dig it or you don't! Don't force yourself to have to listen to shit you don't actaully like.
People really need to find theirselves instead of having others find it for them.
Its like muh'fuckas just rely on others to make their own decisions. Wack.
Yeah and I'v also noticed we are hella self concious. Like muh'fuckas are saying I don't care what I wear. But then why are you buying shit in the first place?!
Listen to Kanyes All Fall Down again. You're self concious admit it.
The only reason we buy expensive shit is for a reason. Otherwise why spend money on cologne, 40 dollar new eras, 30 dollar tees, and 80 dollar hoodies. Wack. Admit it. I sure as hell did.
We don't buy the shit we like cause we like it, we'd rather have something appreciated by the public. Its true. So stop fuckin with it.
And lately we have people saying our blog is weak. Aha I thank you haters for the inspiration I really do cause now I'm never gonna give up till my heart gives out you hear?! And also I really wouldn't say shit unless you compete cause you know you can't to better.
500 views a day. Try fuckin with that or shut up.
So yeah this is shit right now with sightRIZE. Thats whats up.
Be sure to peep our latest interviews coming including: Raashan of Crown City Rockers, CYNE, Sene, Blu. And keep an eye out for the BTG stickers and BTG CD which includes photos from your boys at BTG plus our favorite tracks.
Any questions you have can be emailed to