Friday, January 30, 2009

Soulja Boy Vs NaS. You Gotta Be Kidding Me.

Lately I'v been going to all the forums I usually go to. ISS being one of them, I looked into the music section the other day. It looks as if people are still bickering over this Soulja Boy, NaS ish.
For y'all that don't know Soulja Boy claims NaS killed hip-hop, haha right?
Well anyway people on ISS are stooooopid, I can't emphasize that enough cause most of them think Soulja Boy has a point.
Okay, this time I'm not gonna let my opinions do the talking but compare the two rappers, correction one rapper, one wack and cocky gimmick.
This is off Soulja Boy's song "Bird Walk"
"Hit my bird walk
And got the club crunk
Den I heard your girl talk
Now she hoppin in my trunk
Now im hittin my bird walk"
That's real lyrical stuff right? Haha.
Okay here's the NaS song "Y'all My N!ggas"
"find a room to lock yourself in and close the door
its some heavy concepts that we gotta explore
we gotta strip the word down rugged and raw
the rhetoric of martin king just saint around no more
dave bowie aint here james baldwin neither
they all were leaders
but they ain't help me get this porcsh two seater
a lawyer left the hood he never looked back
to be a fortune 500 ceo it took rap
so what if my pants sag with my hat turned back
the same swag got our merchandise flying off the rack
marketing companies thats hiring blacks
fresh hip hop lingo for your campaign ads
the controversy surrounds who could say it and win
some niggas are full time some play and pretend
so fuck that no apologies on the issue
if it offends you
its meant to
its that simple"
I don't even know if I want to compare these. Nah, I don't even think I will, that'd be a diss to NaS comparing him to a dude that does the bird walk and got jumped by two people with his click to "support him".
Soulja Boy claims if 50 says he runs NY he runs NY cause he says it and if NaS says hiphop is dead he killed it.
Thats pretty wack cause if soulja boy said he is the greatest rapper alive I would strongly disagree.
Hats off to the retarded rapper that dissed another legend, he has managed to look himself look retarded yet again.
Soulja Boy, till you can rhyme don't diss rappers.
NaS made NY State Of Mind when he was 17, Those are real lyrics.
What did you make when you were 17, oh I forgot you made Crank That, big achievement, you got some ringtones out.
Who gonna be playing you in 10 years? Real talk.
Illmatic lives forever, will even last two more years? Haha. Your're gonna run outta ringtones kid.

I Wish.

Sigh. Wale is in town with Blu&Exile! Sadly I won't be able to attend. But that doesn't mean you can't! Peep this. A concert you definitely won't regret.

Monday, January 26, 2009


America - Nas

America, land of opportunities, or a distorted image?
Don't get me wrong, we are more than fortunate to be living in America but what does it mean to really be living in America?
Immigrant families every year move from their homeland to this place, over 70% move to the ghettos. Is it worth it?
Their verdict isn't wrong, it is for a better life for their children, but is living in the environment worth it?
There are ups and down sides, if we look at the success stories of immigrants in this world today, some are out of this world. But what happens when it all collapses?
Immigrants growing up in rough neighborhoods can hardly consider themselves living the American dream. And their kids may not turn out so successful, it is not their fault but if you are raised around negativity, it is only right that you are negative.
The point that I am trying to get at is, what is the American dream?
Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't see it. We live in a country in debt, at an international war, with racism to top it of. This is America.
I am fortunate enough not to have to deal with a lot of the poverty in this country, but it is plentiful as well. Most immigrants have to live in the poverty limit as well.
For example, East Palo Alto. A rough neighborhood. People here are living in dire straights, not their fault either. As some may call it the "slums" I do not think it deserves to be looked down upon. People try to stand for something more in their community, it deserves to be credited more. Coming back to the point, "The American Dream" is non-existent here.
What is the American dream?
I go to a diverse school, not dealing with much racism. But if I went elsewhere such as lets say a white neighborhood in Texas, or a white neighborhood in the suburbs of New York would I feel like an American?
I look at my passport, it says I am a US Citizen. But if I moved out of California would I be treated as a US Citizen?
Right now, I feel like I have hope in being in America. I have had the opportunity to visit a 3rd world country and realize how grateful I am, but how long will it last?
In America today we face a economy crisis, smart kids out of top American colleges are going overseas for jobs. Our country is not able to produce enough engineers/doctors. Jobs are being cut. Distractions are everywhere. Media is full of violence, poor language, racism, sex and drugs. How long can we go on like this?
I am excited about Obama's promise of change but its not like he controls the economy.
We are in tough times as much as I'd love to be hopeful and optimistic, reality this time does not allow it.
What really gets to me is when poor immigrants sacrifice their middle class life to come to this country and live in poverty, then get let down by the lack of opportunities available.
We live in a beautiful country, no doubt. But maybe we spoke too soon, in 50 years America will step down as the world power.
In my mind, America is a whole new world. It can make or break you. If you aren't white you could be in for some tough times, we have loads of cocky white kids that enjoy picking on minorities. We have rich kids wanting to be thugs and poor kids wanting to be rich. We have the best of both worlds its true, but how you want to use it is really up to you. Education is the key, but most of us have trouble finding the lock. If you aren't white here, you aren't American in most of these peoples minds. Religion divides here, people show no respect for your values. They don't classify you for who you are, or what you do, but instead what you wear and how you look like. If you want to be equal you came to the wrong place.
If there is an American dream, it is dead. Resurrection is impossible.
But still I dream, that everything clicks for America. After all it is my country. One day maybe we all can stop the gang violence, racism, wars, and just be us without any worries.
Chances are slim but that is my American dream or miraged image that seems to be non existant.
Still Livin' The Dream.
We Deserve More. But ItsWhatItIs,ItsWhatItIs&ThatsWhatItIs.

2000$+ SHOES?!

My friend some how copped these havens gate sb dunk samples. These will never hit store, nor will they be released! They were based on a cult of people that were part of a cult called heavens gate. They all died, read all about it click the link.

ps. that's my iss tagggg

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My President Is BLACK.


Happy Bush is out the dude was retarded, how'd he manage to get re-elected? Obama is in, we're good! But I still wish for this to happen,

Good luck Obama, you got a tough task. Yes we can y'all!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Livin' It Up.

Kicks Are Really Startin' To Ruin My Life.

Hey He's Nearly Gone! Somebody Please Shoot That Son-Of-A-Bush.

But It Still Remains A Beautiful Day.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Contribute to something larger then your self...
is a great website. They actually host something called "shirt the kids" in this you donate five dollars and a child in the Philippines actually gets a shirt.

you just cant say no to that.


Whateva Wheneva (prod. Erik L) - Sene

I'd like to redirect your attention to the song above. This is something I really wanted to get out and share with y'all. Sene has done an amazing job with this track. Perfect lyrical quality. Forreal listen to this, an amazing song. Dude is articulate.
This song strikes a nerve. It hits that feelin' y'know what I'm sayin'? You gotta listen to it to believe.
Y'got me.
"I Peep The News But They Talkin' About Celebrities, My Homey's In The War Zone, What The F- They Tellin' Me, I Could See The Bullish But They Still Sell It Though, Smack Lipstick On $#!T, I Still Smell It Though, Iv Seen My Sister Hafta Back Her Bags And Hafta Sell Her Home, And Big Fish On Wall Street Gettin' Dough, Yeah Its Gettin' Old, Yeah I'm Gettin' Old, ...... They Say Its Safe To Get A Day Job Too, But I Never Liked To Play By Rules.."
This is crazy. Lyrical genius.
Don't sleep, peep Sene.
Ridiculous how people translate pictures into words. Seein' it vividly through Senes rhymes.


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