Monday, August 17, 2009

sightRIZE Questions Alexander Spit.

I got the chance to ask a few questions to Frisco's own, Alexander Spit. If you haven't heard already, dude is ill. His songs are addicting, odd way to describe music but you gotta hear it to believe it. Rugged rhymes tear apart the tracks with beats that match. It's something that you gotta put on repeat to fully understand.
You can catch his two singles on iTunes now, album "Open 24 Hours", drops September 1st. Be sure to go out and grab a copy to support.
sightRIZE: What makes up Alexander Spit?
Alexander Spit: San Francisco, love, hate, cigarettes, coffee, women, and rap music.
sightRIZE: How was it like gettin' to shoot your "Hella iller than you" video on the living legends bus?
Alexander Spit: Hahahahahaha. That was a completely impromptu thing that happened. The LL crew are my homies. It was the night of one of their shows and we were kickin it. My homie thought it would be funny to film a video. So it happened. Probably not the best representation of my music... but it was fun.
sightRIZE: What inspires you?
Alexander Spit: Everything.
sightRIZE: Any personal favorite artists/albums?
Alexander Spit: Jeez. That list can go on forever. Right now I've been listening to a lot of Rocksteady. Old Jamaican music. Particularly Alton Ellis. But what is always constant... is that I listen to J Dilla a lot. His "Donuts" album always amazes me. I've been listening to a lot of Frisco rap recently. I really enjoy The Jacka's new album "Tear Gas". I'm always bumpin' Morrissey. But to be honest... hahaha I listen to my album "Open 24 Hours" a lot.
sightRIZE: What are 5 things Alexander Spit can't live without?
Alexander Spit: Just pick any 5 from question 1.
sightRIZE: In a brief sentence, describe yourself.
Alexander Spit: Peep the answer from question one.
sightRIZE: Describe your upcoming album, Open 24 Hours?
Alexander Spit: Man... That album was almost the death of me. A lot of me went into that project. From the production, to the song writing, and the overall concept; I put 100% of myself into it. So with that said... just know that it's the real deal. It's something to be taken seriously.
The concept for the album revolves around the album title "Open 24 Hours". It's based off of the idea of asking the question, "Who are you when no one else is looking?". Everybody has different sides to who they are. Sides of them that manifest before certain people. I wanted to explore the idea of trying to be the same person in all situations... "24 Hours" a day. The Alexander Spit you see walking to work... Is the same Alexander Spit you see at the bars...
Along with all that, I tied in a lot of a late night references and what not. So as a result, there's an overall feel and theme that I feel stays consistent throughout the album.
In regards to its sound. It's rap music. I hate being specific with categorizing exactly what. Rap music is beats with raps over them. That's what it is. It has the energy of a rap record. It's that energy that our generation wants and needs in order to actually listen. So... I made the beats bang... and the raps smart.
I don't know. You'll hear it. It drops September 1st. Don't sleep.
sightRIZE: Any upcoming projects we should be watchin' out for?
Alexander Spit: I'm working on a project with female emcee Hopie Spitshard. One of the hardest rappers I've ever met. Male or female. She got raps. Were working on an EP right now produced exclusively by 6Fingers and my homie Cambo. It's still in its beginning stages but I assure you folks are gonna flip a lid over it. The beats are ridiculous. Hopie and I have been coming with some heat over them... So be sure to stay on the lookout for that project.
sightRIZE: Is there anything we shoulda asked you?
Alexander Spit: My favorite color. Answer: I ain't got one.
sightRIZE: Anything you'd like to end with?
Alexander Spit: I urge everyone to take the time and check me out. Please be sure to cop my debut solo album "Open 24 Hours" when it drops September 1st. It hits iTunes September 8th.
Everyone should come out to the Album Release Party in San Francisco at Slim's September 4th. I'm performing with a live band (Overview) and also performing will be Trackademicks, J-Billion, Hopie Spitshard, DJ sets by Ant-One, and it's hosted by of Living Legends. It's going to be a night to remember.
Don't do cocaine.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

KingdomxAdapt:Blood Of Kings. Union City.

So the dudes at Adapt set up a celebration for the AdaptxKingdom release.
Was an overall chill event.
Got to chop it up with the head of Adapt, Evan.
Spaceman Cell.
A good Saturday indeed.

With Viddy V, this dude freestyled for 20 minutes nonstop. Just to warm up. Insane!

Adapt holdin' it down with BTG.

I hadta say it was a good day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

CYNE-Water for mars.

How to explain? This album did it for me. Struck that nerve. In the past certain songs could hit that nerve for me, or one particular Blu&Exile album, as soon as I finished listening to this I got that feeling again. That feeling where you escape the world for an hour. Water for mars is beautiful, literally beautiful.
When you put two genius producers, Speck&Enoch together it automatically produces harmony. Then Cise Star and Akin tear up the beats with overpowering lyrics, it's really a sight you hafta hear to understand.
These are not your regular average MC's. They are on the next level that is too advanced for the brittle mind of current hip-hop. In simpler words, they are intelligent.
Coming back to the discussion of Water For Mars, I encourage everyone to buy the album and give it a thorough listen.
Cyne touches upon all topics; Passion can be heard in "Pretty Apollo." A self portriat of Cise Star can be heard in, "Cise." Any rapper that can paint a self portriat through song is insanely ill with it. Serious notes are heard with songs like, "One Day Or So." And fun songs to ease out too are covered in songs such as, "Boombox Pimp."
As far as the album goes every track on it is blessed with the gift of Speck and Enoch so those who are critical of a good beat will be overwhelmed by the quality of the beats to match lyrics. This is one of the only albums in which listening to the interludes are highly enjoyable.
For those that may not know Cyne's style is always consistent, so if you enjoy this which I'm sure you will, most likely you will enjoy their previous albums as well.
For those of you that may want to know more about Cyne check the sidebar for a dope interview.
To help Cyne cultivate your new experience please buy "Water For Mars" on itunes.
Cyne simply cultivates your new experience, as always.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Rotation.

Dom Kennedy- Future Street/Drug Sounds
Dom Kennedy in one word. Smooth. "Future Street Drug Sounds" Is composed of genius peaceful productions matched with the unique Dom flow to provide the classiest mixtape I have heard in a while. Anyone that hasn't heard of Dom Kennedy is sleeping hard.
Ever since day one this mixtape was ringing through my ears. Now if I don't get through "Heaven At Night" before sleeping I literally can't sleep. Cudder drop man on the moon quick so I can get hooked on something new!
Wale- The Mixtape About Nothing
So basically, Wale literally made a mixtape about nothing. But this mixtape about nothing has meaning for something if you catch me. This is onna those things that has been in my head since day one just like cudder. These guys know howta catchu hard. Lately, Wale exploded with chillin' if you heard that and said, "Its aight" like too many people did, you needa catch some of Wale's tapes to do him justice.

Blu&Exile-Below The Heavens
Oh man I could go on for days on end about this album. Been bumpin it for a couple years nonstop a few times a week. Every song on this album is insanely crafty. With Exiles swift calm production, matched with Blu's metaphorically ill style it crafts perfection. No music collection is complete without Below The Heavens.
Jay-Z- Reasonable Doubt
Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt
Always gotta keep a couple classic albums in the rotation. Lately, just been getting hyped for Blueprint3. Honestly, I can't say anything about this album that hasn't already been said.
Fugees- The Score
Fugees - The Score
Another classic I'm bumping after seeing Wyclef on 60 minutes recently.
Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean+Pras=Fugees.Pushed new boundries to reach a next level.
One.Be.Lo- s.o.n.o.g.r.a.m.
This album puts me in deep thought. Really as soon as that first track, "The Underground" kicks in on my mediocre speakers, I lean down to listen to that beat click mashed with's mind bleeding on the track.