Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm pretty anxious for Skyzoo's album on the 29th. Cop "The Salvation"

These messages make you ponder. Life can be rougher than you think.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dunk Exchange SF 9.20.09

This was my first DXC, the homey Kyle is a vet now with 4 on the board. Haha.
I hate to be so critical, but my first DXC will be my last DXC. Unless something crazy is happening.
Not my thing whatsoever. I came for newspaper. Nothing more.
I like sneakers, I enjoy appreciating collections of connoisseur who have racked up an insane amount of kicks over the years. Shout out to the real sneakerheads at DXC, you know the ones with jobs?
The rest were a bunch of kids in high school just as I am. You can't be in high school and have 20 pairs of $100+ sneakers. Its irrational as hell.
One thing that agitates me is immaturity. When I see kids my age jobless, spending 200+ on sneakers with their parents bills, I think what the hell is going on with this world?
My mom too intended to give me a bill so I can enjoy myself at DXC cause she knows I dig this type of culture. But I feel that there's practicalities in life. I didn't need shoes as it was, and I would rather give the hard earned money back to my family. Sure, there was temptation everywhere, but I would like to stand on my own two and say I bought these kicks myself.
The kids there were all acting like clowns. Being obnoxious. You just had to be there to see it.
I would rather spend money where it matters on friends, fam, supporting good music, charity. There, I know money is going to a good cause, rather then some kicks on my feet that are gonna end up getting beat in a year. Shoes and clothes, yeah they're coo they can be replaced/traded/sold, friends and fam that's love, indestructible in all aspects.
I enjoyed DXC because it was interesting getting to see people that are truly dedicated to sneakers, but the kids my age were straight stupid.
Anyway, the only thing I ended up buying was an Adapt tee from the dude Evan at Adapt, cause it was dope and you gotta support good people.
What made my day was watching Hopie SpitsHard kill the stage with a energetic performance. If you haven't copped "The Diamond Dame" yet do so soon, you're missing out. Pictures above, having trouble choosing which one to put in newspaper!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Been MIA for a minute, Junior year's catchin' up with me finally. APBio and Honors English FTL. But at least I'm finally gettin' my act together and attending school, studying and such. Anyway..
For those that may not know.
My picks.
Best Music Today.
Blu, everybody knows he's my favorite. Am I biased? No, its not my fault that every acquisition of Blu that I have ever made to my library has been on an unrestrained scale of quality, dude is off the charts. Some of you still may not have heard "Below The Heavens", The Blu&Exile project. And if you are one of them, you're sleeping on the greatest hip-hop album of all time. No hyperbole there, the album takes you to a utopia on the far side of your head. Blu has the highest caliber virtuoso out of any artist in the game today.
Next, arguably the most intricate group in hip-hop today, CYNE. I take that back, its not up for debate, CYNE has me pondering for hours on end after I throw one of their albums in my 94Altima. My car has 250,000 miles on it. Can't go past 70 without a rattling noise in the engine. A stereo system that makes a horrendous sound every time I make a courageous attempt to crank the volume. As fortunate as I am to inherit my extended families old car, their album is the only thing that makes my drive bearable. Listening to Cise's+Akin's flow blessing on the tracks with Speck+Enoch beats to match.
Imma go with Pac Div next, these guys are impeccably talented. They are well on their way to break into the mainstream with all the light being shed upon them nowadays. When I first heard "Church League Champions" I was blown away by the amount of wordplay in all their songs. They are the one of the few groups that have the ability to not let words play them, but instead play with words which are so complex, its almost dauntingly crafted when you hear a line like, "I used to drive the Honda til it ran outta gas now imma push this E till it run outta class, Whiplash." Pac Div is the future!
Pac Div.
Also, there's one additional rapper I'd like to include, HopieSpitsHard. People immediately discriminate against female rappers right off the bat, assuming that the most plausible personality of a female rapper is a person that uses sex appeal to sell. Because of all the skewed facts being drawn into the ignorant community, a lot of people turn their heads when they hear of female rappers. Those of you that think like that are ignorant. Females can spit too. HipHop is for everybody. To me, good music is good music. No matter what race, gender, face, if its good its good. HopieSpitsHard makes good music, that's all that matters. Not whether shes a man or woman. Which is why you should drop the stereotypical nonsense and get with something a little more progressive. She's an intellectual rapper who can spit raw rhymes in a cunning, cagy type fashion. End of story.
Other music you should check out; Fashawn, Kero One, Dr.Syntax, All Natural, Aloe Blacc, Convinced, Crown City Rockers. Oh and just thought I'd add MFDOOM-"Born Like This" is fire, and Reflection Eternal is coming back again! :D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blueprint 3.

I guess you could say anxious me could not wait. Got me all antsy.
After hearing it, I wish I never jumped on the leak.
I wish there was no Blueprint 3.
And I wish Hov literally retired after American Gangster.
Because after listening to this, I need Hov to make another Reasonable Doubt just to get the nasty sound of this album outta my head. Full of loops, cheesy beats, nothing lucrative.
The sad thing really, nobody believes me when I say the album really ain't all that. Is it not feasible that even Hov slips up?! It is plausible, but I can understand the uncertainty in the air is not enough to discourage followers of Hov, you're just gonna hafta hear it to believe it.
There are only two good things about this album, cover art, and one track.
Best believe, or get disappointed.
Sorry Hovito. 2.5/5. Mediocre. Fails on deck.

The only good track.
So Ambitious Feat Pharrell

Worst two songs. And the rest not included are all bad.
I don't remember the name of this song, don't care, I just never want to hear such garbage from Hov again.
Oh and you can thank Swizzy for hooking up Hov with the whack beat, that clearly does not fit Hov's flow.

Drake and Jay-Z, please never work together again.