Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Sick Am I? I Wish You Wealth.

I guess you could say I was back in the real world. Got a little reality check in India as I walked off the plane and kids as old as me would beg for food. This is the real world, nobody lives as lavishly as Americans do. This is life around the world. There is no A/C, nobody can afford to eat out. If you think you have a bad life look again. This is incomparable.

STOP THE VIOLENCE! Innocent people die every day in Kashmir for over a territory despute thousands of Kashmir residents are homeless because of Pakistanis taking over homes by force. Non-coperation results in death. GZA said it was a cold world but he had never seen real shit.

"Why Must It Go On, We Must Stop The Killin, Tell Me Why We Die We All Gods Children."-Nas's Rule.

I hope Blu was right when he said you gotta go to hell to be a man. And you make your own heaven.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


You may have noticed already but BridgingTheGap has been completely remodeled by KZA. And the Re-Working is not in full effect yet! Expect plenty more changes to come.
Also, BridgingTheGap will have an exclusive interview with a underground rapper soon to come! Yes you heard right I, sightRIZE will be interviewing a underground rapper within the next two weeks! Also, our myspace is now up and running along with our email! Hit us up!
In case you haven't noticed BridgingTheGap is makin' moves! Get with it!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is Hip Hop Dead?!

Well lately, Is Hip Hop Dead has been a question going through everybody's head. Well the answer is if you are spending all your time watching MTV or listening to the radio then yes HipHop is dead and the way the game is looking there is no resurrection for MTV and the radio.
"If Heads Only Knew About How I Felt About The Rap Game They'd Relocate And Change Their Fuckin Name." -Gang Starr's the militia.
Now this was a while ago but it turns out Guru of Gang Starr was right. The mainstream game has diminished to almost nothing. A few artists such as Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Common, etc. Have kept it alive. But what about whats happening under the surface? Under MTV? Under the radio?
HipHop is still and always will be alive.
I consider artists such as Soulja Boi, and Flo Rida shit artists with no message corrupting the mainstream game, killing only the mainstream game, but the underground is still very much alive and will stay alive so HipHop is never dead.
In my eyes HipHop can never die. I just see this as a phase that HipHop is going through where retarded lyrics are in. Thats all I see. How long will it stay in this phase for? That is a question I cannot answer. It could go on for a while if artists such as Soulja Boi keep selling. If people stop buying artists like Soulja Boi then we have a hope. All it takes is realization. That's it.
It also takes people to stop being posers. That is a major killer of the game. No doubt. If you fake knowing HipHop and listen to MTV or weak RnB then you are promoting more people wearing clothes that are meant for HipHop lovers. Therefore you are encouraging more shit music in the game and more people being posers. If you have a Hundreds hat on or a ALIFE tee on you better have some HipHop knowledge to have the right to wear such a thing. Otherwise you are a poser. If you wear a brand such as ALIFE you really have to know something about HipHop. If you don't know shit don't act like it by wearing shit like Hundreds or ALIFE. No Posers=A Cleaner Game. True HipHop=Poser Free. You Heard? Spread The Word.
Also people need to stop this shit about "keeping it underground." One of the most retarded things I have ever heard is I'm not about to tell you this song cause I'm keeping it underground. If you were a HipHop lover you wouldn't care because telling people true HipHop spreads the word and gives shares the knowledge with the world. How do we expect to clean up the mainstream game with people hiding their Ipods? Its time we shared our tracks.
However, I do believe there should be an exception to showing your Ipod to posers cause they still listen to wack shit and weak shit. This means that the person is going to take the tracks and then try to "keep it undergrond". A word of advice from me, if a true HipHop lover/head does not show his Ipod to you then he either lacks respect for the game or thinks you are a poser.
There has been a instance where a poser tried to talk about HipHop with me. It was retarded. He don't know shit. Hes sitting there telling me hes getting into true HipHop and he listens to hella true HipHop, he shows me the weakest track iv ever heard. The muh'fucka is wack hes killin the game.
When I talk to someone who knows HipHop I get knowledge and they get knowledge. We share opinions. For instance when I talk to my friends from the YO!(, one of the best HipHop blogs on the net!) we share opinions, and everybody knows what being talked about. No wack tracks are even thrown out. Its just wisdom being shared. Promoting the very much alive HipHop.
So if you are wondering if HipHop is dead. It is not. I see it every day. HipHop is very much alive and healthy it just took a hit and is weak in the mainstream game. Its recovery date is unknown, it has had plenty of support from the passionate followers that stay with it, so it should be okay in the long run.
HipHop is still impeccable and definitely not to be fucked with.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Warped Pt2

Hit up warped again and their shoe collection is still crazy! Shit, the dude at the store says they pick up five pairs of old retro Jordans per day. About six pairs of SB'S per day and a crazy amount of regular shoes. Crazy shit!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Starin' At The Skyline.

The Singapore skyline is amazing, last night I saw it from a beach and it is really a sight to see. It put me lost in a vision. Focused. Shit was insane! The night really brings it out.
Shoutout to Adrian For taking me out here.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Found another hole in the wall store in Singapore today. Its called Warped and for sneakerheads this place is the shit. Now I'm no Sneakerhead so I had no idea about half the shoes up there aside from the Jordans.

But people come from all over the world to go to this shoe botique in Singapore. It has almost all the desirable SB's, all the desirable Jordans plus all the air max's. Selection is crazy! A pair of Hawaii SB's were going for 250 Singapore Dollars. In USD thats about 200.

All the old Jordans and Air max's are also at this place. Price can start from as low as 150 Singapore Dollars and go up to as much as 350 Singapore dollars.

Don't get discouraged by the prices though there is always a sale going on. And the sale is CHEAP. I bought these blazers for 60 USD.

Plenty of other dunks and blazers to watch out for on sale. Doug E Fresh Pumas are 80 USD almost bought em but the sizes were too small.

If you head to the back you see a whole lotta KIDROBOT gear. Nothin special but its just interesting to see the variety of clothing in this store.

Anyway bottom line is this store is great if you are a sneakerhead and willing to drop a couple bills on a pair of shoes. If not this store is worth checking out. Still packing some sick shit and you never know whats on sale.



What Do It Take To Be A Legend Like Nas Is?!

Okay. Gettin hyped up for Nas's untitled album dropping on the 15th. A little too hyped if you ask me.

In the past two days I have been through every Nas album besides Streets Disciple, Nastradamous, and the Lost Tapes.

All I can say is sick.

Nas is pure talent! Lyrical genius.

For those of you that haven't gone through the past Nas albums, I highly recommend you do so!

Favorite tracks were Second Childhood off Stillmatic. Memory Lane off Illmatic. Revolutionary Warfare off God's Son and Let There Be Light Off Hip Hop Is Dead. Also cop that album on the 15th.

"Life Is Ill, Again Lifes A Movie, Then The Roster's Cypress Hill, Nas And Fugees." -Nas (surviving the times.)

" I switched my motto -- instead of sayin fuck tomorrow That buck that bought a bottle could've struck the lotto Once I stood on the block, loose cracks produce stacks I cooked up and cut small pieces to get my loot back Time is Illmatic keep static like wool fabric Pack a four-matic that crack your whole cabbage" -Nas (Lifes A Bitch)




Leave some feed back on what you think!


Vancover Canada.

A couple days before this blog was opened i went on a lil trip to Vancover Canada. There i found shops i didnt expect to find in a place like Canada. It ends up hip hop culture is alive and well in Canada. I spotted many Alife, The Hundreds, 10 Deep, Mighty Healthy, and lots of Crooks & Castles around there. I asked around and discovered these stores...

Gotta love Alife. Pictures werent permited in store so i had to steal a couple snap shots. I did see the Wu-tang Clan alife's in person but the store keeper had a steady eye on me.

They had Alife shoes in EVERY color imagineable, prices ranged between 130 - 80$.

In the display case i saw some of the most unique shoes ive ever seen. Unfotunantly they werent for sale.

HAHA, had to put the camera on a timer to get this, but the alife shirts were sick i ended up cop'n two as well as a krink pen before i left this store.

This is the best shoe store ive ever seen! There was such a large selection I wanted to take more pictures but the next bus time was very near so i had only one picture before i left.

This was deffinantly my favorite store. I picked up a Crooks & Castles Hoody for only 45$ as well as a King Stampede stweater for 45$ and an Orisque hat for only 20$, guy was so nice he hooked me up with the shirt behind him in white which was acutally a limited Crooks & Castles X Complex shirt. I also notice the Countdown packages all in store and in stock!? As well as the Aqua 8's, I thought that was very stange counting that those sold out within the first couple minutes in the states, maybe the Jordan hype is yet to hit Canada?!Much love to the store for making me feel right at home.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Black Chamber.

Well guess what?! Your muh'fucka sightRIZE is in singapore.

Alright today I really hit up some hole in the wall place called black chamber. And lemme tell you this store is sick. sick. sick.

Despite the heavy prices the selection at this store won't leave you thinking twice about the price.

Stocked with ALIFE, UNDFTD, HUF, STUSSY, BENNY GOLD, 10 DEEP, DIAMOND. And plenty other brands this store is crazyy.

Black chamber's motto is simple Intercept and Decipher.

This store is really something, seeing as Singapore has no hiphop culture whatsoever its a miracle that this store is running here. It is considered a premium store in Singapore. A real nice tee here goes for about 50-60 USD. An okay looking tee will go for about 40 USD. Can you say pricy?!

However, if you are ever in singapore this store is a must see. Sickest selection ever. From what I hear Benny Gold drops by every now and then.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008



People know I hate those posers. Yeah Its true. Fuck em.

Theres thousands of reasons why posers should just die.

Imma share with you an experience I just had. A muh'fucka came up to me and he was telling me hes about to get some shit from a store and hes confused about what he wants.

Now I already think this muh'fucka is wack! Alright this dude ain't even a hiphop head and hes claiming shit like this?!

People don't understand that hiphop ain't just clothing its a lifestyle. To anybody thats like its just a shirt thats bullshit.

If I saw fuckin Justin Timberlake with some hundreds shit on id fuckin kill myself.

People don't understand if Soulja Boy was rocking some crooks and castles or foreign family thatd be wack!

This is where posers and hiphop heads get separated. Posers wouldn't give a fuck and continue with rockin the brand. HIPHOP heads would kill themselves. That is wack.


Now I ain't saying you gotta go out and listen to strictly underground shit to not be a poser. There are a few mainstream artists that you should show some love to. Artists such as Nas, Jay-Z and Kanye deserve shine.

Im sayin fuck you if you listenin to some weak RnB bullshit. Fuck you if you listening to fuckin soulja boy and flo rida.

Posers bother me not cause of clothing its cause to me it looks like they know hiphop if I see their clothes but then I talk to them and they listenin to wack shit and weak shit.

This shows that they're frontin. They don't know shit about hiphop.

Fake muhfuckas like this piss me off.

Then theres these muhfuckas that tell me that skaters hate urban people. These muhfuckas is indescribably retarded. First of all hiphop and skate culture parallel. And there is a different between skate culture as fuckin iron maiden shit compared to the urban skater.

A perfect example is the hundreds. A lotta skaters shop at the hundreds too. And a lotta skaters listen to hiphop. A lotta skaters listen to punk rock. Urban people who are just influenced by hiphop culture shop at hundreds. A lotta hiphop heads skate.

So bullshit how the fuck do skaters hate hiphop culture?! WACK.

They are plenty of people like me who skate, and listen to straight hip hop. It dont mean I hate punk culture cause thats bullshit. And it dont mean punk culture hates hiphop culture thats bullshit as well.

Its simple skating, punk rock, hiphop, urban clothing all go hand in hand.
The people who say skaters hate hiphop culture are wack and they should know skaters just hate them as a individual for being either a poser or a straight up faggot.



Tuesday, July 1, 2008

San Francisco Trip.

Hit up San Francisco a couple days ago and shit was sick!

Hit up Haight Street and TRUE was lookin dope. With TRUE shit iv noticed is that when they have good shit it SELLS. Today shit was stocked!
The TRUE shoe store was also stocked today with the sickest kicks iv seen in a while. New ALIFES are worth coppin.

Later a visit to THE HUNDREDS was essential. THE HUNDREDS is the sickest store, sickest brand period. No question about it. There was a POST hat release and shit was crazy. About an hour wait to get into the store. Worth The Wait.

Hit up FATLACE after. This was my first experience at FATLACE so shit was interesting. FATLACES clothes aren't great but they do deserve more recognition. When we was in FATLACE we was the only muhfuckas there. The dudes at the store is real down to earth, passionate people. FATLACE needs attention! Where is the love?! Show love to FATLACE .

sightRIZE(on left)+FATLACE
sightRIZE(on left)+ HUNDREDS