Monday, July 27, 2009

Gone Days.

Cudi always speaks whats real.
"when i was younger i was a bit of a fuck up. didnt really apply myself enough in school like i should’ve and i got in trouble a lot. never did anything cool to really make my mom proud of me until now. yea shes tol me ive made her proud before in my life but i kno ive never made her “yesss my baby boy graduated from college” happy. when people give me compliments i really appreciate that shit more than the person could ever know, i jus shy up and dont know how to respond sometimes becuz im not use to it. if uve ever met me, im very awkward with compliments. no one really ever tol me “hey good job scott” ultimately cuz i never did shit worth congratulating. the most i got was when id be at wutever job i had and the boss would say “good job on cleaning those tables” or “good work organizing the stock room”, which would make me happy cuz atleast i was bein recognized for suttin i fuckin did. my mom doesnt count as far as compliments, its a parents job to be fans of their kids (MESSAGE TO THE PARENTS). this is jus all new to me yall, this life, the attention, the love, the hate, ive spent 25 years of my life jus bein a regular dude who cracks fuckin jokes and loves random comedic films. the reason im writing this is to show u jus a tiny bit of the shit dat runs thru my mind at all times. i literally smoke as much as i smoke to remain chill and calm and not be freaked out when people recognize me. which is impossible lol but the tree helps a lil.


i never got love from chicks like dat, i mean i did but it was mostly cuz of my personality and every so often my looks. so the attention and love from gurls is of course awesome but it makes me wonder, do they like scott, or kid cudi? hell, do they even understand wut i talk about in my songs? thats wut runs thru my brain with every gurl i meet now and its a question ill never b able to answer off the top. i have to watch who i have in my space, my privacy level is at a all time high.

im oblivious to how good u guys say iam, i think im good but i have a lot of growin to do (as we all do). when fans rep how dope of a artist iam and how my lyrics touch them and that im the next new sound of hip hop, its sometimes so surreal i think they’re lying to me jus to make me feel good or jus sayin it cuz im standin right there lol. dats how shy iam, its like “naw they dont really mean dat, they’re jus bein nice”. i thank u all for tellin me these things, it makes me smile everytime. all in all, i jus want u guys to understand the science behind scott mescudi. damn it, that shoulda been the real subtitle of the album lol oh well."

Isn't it crazy that similar thoughts go through my head occasionally. I love music thats for the people, thats what cudi does. It isn't about the clothes, shoes or beef that makes an individual an individual. Its the things that they do that defines them. Cudi's entries really reveal whats going through his head, thats what the average joe like me respects and reads, to know someone is also constantly thinking along with you is a wonderful thought indeed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Have you ever come across that leaf on the sidewalk that's worn out on one side, but as you turn it it's beautiful again?
Or have you ever had that real gloomy weather with the mood to match, but then it clears up and your day is suddenly fluorescent again?
And there's that day we all loath, the day where your favorite song comes up but you're still down. Then outta nowhere, the most random acts lift you right back up again.
Observe these details cautiously, and let yourself decide what's right and what's wrong. There is no justification in something wrong, at the end of the day blame can be put on anyone or anything. Over engrossment can compel anyone's mind to insanity without liberation. Stages of denial can lock one in a phase of no emotion at all.
Let's think of one as this rough leaf on one side but smooth on the other. Leaves can be flipped by the wind. One can be flipped by peers.
At the end of the day, does that make the wind at fault for flipping the leaf to the rough side?
Or does it make it the peers fault that the people swayed too easily?
Personally, I like to think of the leafs two sides as two different moods.
So if the leaf is on it's rough side it still has the choice to be smooth. No wind to blame.
Similarly, if one is swayed by their peers, it is still plausible to act like their true soul. No peers to blame.
If one feels uncomfortable, he should beware his peers. Likewise if one enjoys that feeling of discomfort thinking it shall bring a positive effect, then why not? Supposing there are no illicit activities involved of course.
After all peers are only trying to help their fellow friend.
Then suppose one were to take his peers tactics for granted. One has to remember that secretly he is gratful to his peers for giving him the courage to do things that one might not do because of complex, stupid reasoning.
One is overcome with feelings of peace,love&hapiness. Harmonic rythm strikes every nerve as if one was in a intricate heavenly maze with no way out but to surrender. Surrender, never to a person, never to a thing, but to a feeling that captures a thousand words.
Then everything is left behind one, as for one follows the feeling catiously lagging behind trying not to become engrossed or worse, noticed.
Soon enough one catches up with his desires. Only to find out that ones desires were simply to admit that they were desired in the first place.
If there are 21 steps to desire, the first 20 are fairly simple, they are short and don't require much effort. But that last step is elevated much steeper than the rest, and has a intimidating gap between the steps. Then one must ask, "Do I really want it? Ok I do but at the same time I don't.But can it wait? No it's pretty much now or never, but its highly unnecessary not to mention odd. So is it even the least bit of necessities? Absolutely NOT!" A red flag indicator hit one's head with the large words "NO" flashing overhead.
Now or never. His peers had convinced him enough.
Similar to do or die just less harsh, one thought.
With this being said, one thought about the leaf. Thought about the emotions. Thought about his caught and mixed feelings. Cursed his peers, slowly to accept that they were right. One realized that he couldn't stay on the rough side of the leaf any longer, he needed to have one moment of gleam. For a minute he forgot about the peers, like a leaf trapped under a rock, unable to remember the wind.
And one slowly said to myself, "I did it."
His peers curiously said, "What? What happened?"
One replied, "The result was unimportant, the action required was imminent since time was running out. But I found my side of the leaf. I removed my defiance and denial. I removed my unenthusiastic expression. And the meaning of life is to live, living requires a optimistic, exciting set of rules."
Peers stared in awe, but a lone peer slowly calmly said, "Much respect, one love. You came cleansed of all the side drama." The rest strangely dangled their heads around and stared as they deciphered one's new found lifestyle as one sipped on a glass of clear water.
Nobody said a word but they all understood. They now had it all.
The short moment of silenced echoed their eardrums with blissful sounds of
The thoughts of peace ring hard yo.
Something Different In All Aspects.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sightRIZE Questions Hopie$pitsHard

I got the opportunity to interview Hopie$pitsHard, onna the most talented artists in the bay today. Cop her album, "The Diamond Dame" at your local Rasuputin, Ameoba, even iTunes, go out and support!
Oh and tell me this isn't genius and you gonna get flamed

sightRIZE: Tell us a bit about how you got into hiphop?
Hopie$pitsHard: I got into hip hop about the same way as everyone else got into hip hop, which was basically finding out that that music made by people going through the same things as you, feeling the same way as you, and basically just being cut from the same fabric as you fills that void that feeling no one gets you leaves open.
sightRIZE: My personal favorite song of yours was Hopie Smile, shit was lyrical as hell, how'd that come together?
Hopie$pitsHard:Right on. 6Fingers gave me the beat with the sample on the hook- at that time, all that was on the hook was the word "smile". I tried to think of things that made me smile, and, at that time in 07, I was struggling with money and trudging through my first year of law school and thought, 'damn, there's nothing to smile about right now, but hopefully there will be soon.' And that just took me back to my childhood and how fucking tough it was, and how back then, just like at that moment, there was only a promise of a smile and a determination to get to that place. The rest wrote itself. That entire story in that song is true true true ass fuck.
sightRIZE: I see your're workin' with Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, how has that experience been?
Hopie$pitsHard: It's been awesome. It's not like we're working on stuff all the time, but I did work with him once, and opened for him on his Funk Man tour recently, and there are murmurs about future collaborations, which is nice. I was juiced then, and still am, about working with Del. He's a rap legend, and was my idol growing up. To have your idol recognize your craft is unbelievable and humbling
sightRIZE: Who/What are some of your favorite artists/albums?
Hopie$pitsHard: Like I said, I looked up to Del a lot, a lot... I really played out Both Sides of the Brain, but, what really killed it for me was him & Dan on Deltron 3030. I also listen to a lot of Outkast and Biggie for inspiration. And Jay. And Lauryn. There are a lot. As for right now, I am playing the fuck out of Cudi and Diz Gibran. I am feelin the BoB v. Bobby Ray mixtape. There is a lot of stuff I like in hip hop. If we're crossing genres, I have to throw The Doors and Led Zep I-IV and Coda in there, as well as Pink Floyd.
sightRIZE: Adapt Advancers, how'd you get affiliated with them?
Hopie$pitsHard: Evan hit me up on MySpace, actually, and it turned out he and my good friend, Arjay of Oh Dang!, had been working together on the clothing tip, so Arjay arranged for Evan to meet me at one of my shows. We just hit it off really well from there, and now Adapt is coming out with a Hopie line of shirts that I've designed, which is exciting =)
sightRIZE: What are 5 things Hopie$pitsHard can't live without?
Hopie$pitsHard: 1. Good food. Must eat at a good restaurant at least once a week. 2. My laptop (w/good beats on em ;) - is that cheating? If so, I don't care... 3. QT with my girls 4. Vacation time off! 5. Some good good... Interpret that as you'd like. You're right no matter how you cut it up ;) sightRIZE: Who is Hopie$pitsHard in a brief sentence?
Hopie$pitsHard: It is a brief sentence. Hopie spits hard. HAHA
sightRIZE: Are there any upcoming projects/shows we should know about?
Hopie$pitsHard: Yes, yes, yes! I am working on my EP, Raw Gems, which is the follow up to The Diamond Dame and produced entirely by 6Fingers, again. Also, I am kicking around a mixtape called Stolen Nova. The idea is that I jack classic beats, like gaffing a classic whip... Also, it's a play on my joint "Supernova" and a ref to Slick Rick. Lastly, I'm working on an EP with Alexander Spit, formerly of the Instant Messengers, which split up and is now a group called The Life Forever. Anyhow, 6Fingers and Cambo (IM, TLF) are producing that cut. None of these projects, unfortunately, have release dates that we can give you at this time, but they're comin fo dat ass...
sightRIZE: Is there anything we shoulda asked you? (I know there's prob a lot haha, go easy on us!)
Hopie$pitsHard: :)
sightRIZE: Anything that you'd like to end with?
Hopie$pitsHard: My site,, will be up very fucking soon. Also, you can always check my MySpace and Twitter. Finally, Stolen Nova will be up on PLEASE SUPPORT INDIE ARTISTS!!! You have $ to hit clubs and get faded with $10 drinks; maybe forego 1 drink and cop the Diamond Dame at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc. or your local Ameoba/Rasputins. Then burn it and hand it out. I really don't care! Or, fuck it, listen to it for free on Pandora. Just support!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


This Is Death Of Autotune Moment Of Silence.
The Only Rapper To Rewrite History Without A Pen.

Monday, July 6, 2009

They Call Him Alex(ander) Spit

Ran into Alex Spit as he's workin' at The Hundreds.
Real chill dude, he's supposed to be droppin' his album this month called "Mimosa" and it looks real dope. Peep his stuff