Monday, August 18, 2008

sightRIZE Questions Tajai Of Souls Of Mischief/Hieroglyphics

1. sightRIZE: You had the honor of being in the legendary hiero with your group Souls Of Mischief how was that?
Tajai: It is great (We are still a group, our new album, produced by Prince Paul should be out early next year). We have a good time, we have had longevity and that is important. Plus they are really talented, no one person is holding up the group.

2. sightRIZE: Who is your favorite hiphop artist and why?
Tajai: I would say KRS is the ultimate b-boy but Kane is my favorite.

3. sightRIZE: I read somewhere that you are a vegetarian, is that true and if so what made you make that choice?
Tajai: I used to eat really badly and drink and smoke. I decided when my daughter was born (she's 11 now) that I wanted to know my grandkids, so I quit all that.

4. sightRIZE: The song 93 Til Infinity is a classic and such a tribute to the bay, how did you guys at souls of mishief come up with that?
Tajai: We sat in the studio and tried to make something anthemic. Then the video just complemented the whole thing.

5. sightRIZE: When you started did you see Hiero getting this big?
Tajai: Of course. In fact we thought we would be much bigger. I don't think anyone makes music (maybe now, since EVERYONE makes music) but before the point was to be as huge as possible and touch as many people as we can.
6. sightRIZE: Speaking of starting how did your career start like how did souls of mischief hook up with Hieroglyphics?
Tajai: We all grew up together, Souls of Mischief is half of Hiero. The other members are Casual, Pep Love, Del and Domino. We have been Hieroglyphics since the beginning of our career, we just came out with a group album after our individual albums.

7. sightRIZE: What are the inspirations for your songs?
Tajai:Life and all of its possibilities. We try to be creative but not so far out you can't relate.

8. sightRIZE: Any upcoming projects we should be aware for?
Tajai: Souls of Mischief with Prince Paul - Untitled Tajai - Rap Noir Tajai and C7 - THC Opio - Vulture's Wisdom Volume One New Hiero album coming HIERO JEANS/ www. hierojeans. com

9. sightRIZE: Anything you'd like to end with?
Tajai:Check out Clearlabelrecords. com and myspace. com/clearlabelrecords. There is a LOT of talent in the Bay.

sightRIZE: Thanks for your time Tajai really an honor to have a Hiero member on Bridging the gap.

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