Saturday, February 28, 2009


Paycheck to paycheck right?
Look at where that gotcha.
Worldwide people are taking a hit, unemployment rates are off the charts. In my state, California, the current unemployment rate is 10.1%. As I go out, I look around the people around me, 1 in 10 of these people are going through struggles at home.
America lives life paycheck to paycheck, instead of saving they splurge on things they can't really afford. You can't front that you got it made for so long.
Rapper Sene quoted in his track WhatevaWheneva, "See you don't even know what your're speakin' of, talkin' about you broke with the flyest sneakers on, thats real childish."
About a week ago I became even more aware of how bad it really is.
On my local news of the Bay Area there was a senior citizen living in San Francisco. A retired old man, he got a pension of 1000 a month. This pension of 1000 all went toward paying his rent, the poor guy couldn't even afford the medicines he needed let alone food. He ate one meal per day at the San Francisco homeless shelters.
As I pity upon this man, something also struck my mind. If he is retired, where the hell did all his money go? You can't always live in the spur of the moment. As I do the same, I really can't say much on how to stop spending.
Homeless shelters are having their budget cut down due to a significant increase in demand.
Damn, what is going on? I could care less what y'all think when I say this, I'v said it before and I'll say it again. This is no recession, this is no short term dilemma. I think the way this is looking, we are in a depression worse than the one in the 1930-1940's.
Hang tight y'all economic meltdown is only beginning.
By the way just thought I should add, any stupid republican who blames Obama for this is an idiot. This ish started in Bush's 8 years and he is never held responsible for any mistake he as done. Weapons of mass destruction my ass, always favor the whiteboys huh? Grow up. Obama made the lobbyist mistake and the world came down on him even when he apologized.
Next 10 years are rough. Politicians need to man up and work with Obama instead of against him. He's your president. Tackle the problems so we can get a brighter future.
Its time to rise people. Based on how we handle this can change the way America is forever. Stomach the shorturn so you can succeed in the longturn.
Lets lock this down!
P.S. If you have negativity to spread on this blog, don't bother lookin'. If you don't agree with me, I respect that, don't trip out and diss in the chatbox. How much of a child are you? Letters to the writer can be sent at our email and we will look it over carefully. And if you claim to hate us, why are you lookin' at this? Stop being clownish. Let's grow up.